Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pleased to announce....

Dear Friends, Family & Curious Strangers,

We are very pleased to announce the Lord is blessing us with another little boy!  Baby boy Hodge #3 is expected to arrive sometime next February. 

And in case you're tempted to feel sorry for us, please don't.  I love my boys.  And I love lists.  So here's my top 5 reasons for being thrilled about another addition to the boot troop.

1.  I believe God chooses and designs each child to fulfill his good and perfect will.  He's in charge of my family, he's proven himself very capable and I'm more than happy to trust his good judgment.

2.  I'm comfortable with boys.  Even though each boy is different I, in general, find them much easier to understand and deal with.  Exercise, mud, trucks, blocks, exercise, repeat:)

3.  It's convenient.  I have boy stuff.  Lots of it.  Clothes, toys, etc.  And with a house short on storage and high on organization, this makes it easier.

4.  I get to be the only woman in my house.  It's kind of a special thing.  And I don't have to share my husband with any other girl.  Or my boys....at least til they discover girls.....a long long time from now...

5.  My boys are getting another member for their boy adventure club called life.  I pray that they will go on grand adventurers together, even if it's just in the backyard; that they will fiercely love, encourage and root for one another.  I have a picture in my mind of 3 brothers, rubber boots on, tromping into the forest, laughing and wrestling as they go.  It makes me smile.

So thank you Lord for this precious little boy.  Please protect him.  Help him to grow strong and brave.   And most of all, help him to become a great man of God.


  1. Love the picture of you and the boys. :) You were right, you thought it was a boy!! YAY!!!

  2. Hannah, you are an amazing woman! Your blogs are so full of love and inspiration! Thank you for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hugs and kisses for you and the rest of the gang!

  3. Hannah congratulations!!! I always thought that I would want a girl but now that I have Grant, I can't imagine having anything but a boy. You are such a wonderful and adventurous mommy and Hodge Boy #3 is so lucky to be coming into your family.