Friday, February 17, 2012

What your kids need to know...

and what you should be teaching them:

1. You are loved regardless of your mistakes, looks, weight, success or abilities.

2. God made you on purpose for a purpose. And that purpose is good.

3. God is truth, he cannot lie and we can hope in him.

4. How to drive a manual transmission.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My 9 tips to reduce your grocery bill...

...because who couldn't use some extra cash.

1: Make a weekly meal plan and only go to the grocery store 1x a week. (This is by far my biggest $$ saver) (Make your meal plan the day after the store ads are out so you can plan your meals around sale ingredients)

2: Skip the meals that have specific, not-on-hand ingredients. Unless of course I can use those ingredients up on another meal that week or freeze them.

3. Buy bulk on items that I use often and store well. (Like oatmeal, flour, sugar, etc..) Although check pricing oz to oz because sometimes the small pkgs are cheaper.

4. Eat I often eat twice as much for dinner then I should....then i have to go work it off. If I'd eat a real serving size I'd lose weight and save $$. Then you have leftovers for lunch. (I have not mastered this whatsoever!)

5. Do limited desserts. The kids don't need the sugar, I don't need the calories and they're often times expensive to make. 

6. If it's on sale, you eat it all the time and it stores well, stock up. I never buy cereal full price. I know what kind my family likes and when it goes on sale I stock up. Same with bread, it freezes great.

7. Do not buy prepared foods. They're expensive and they'll cost you a lot in future health problems.

8. Skip the drinks. All you really need is water and milk. They're healthy for you and you'll save tons of money. (And maybe coffee and tea!!!)

9. Remember that the purpose of eating is to nourish your body. Focus on meeting the nutritional needs of your body and not the exotic wants of your taste buds. (At least 5 out of 7 days) (Also have not mastered this, but I'm working on it.)