Monday, October 3, 2011

Antiqued Board.

I didn't take pictures of the process (sorry) but I'll give you the run down on how I made this.

1.  Find an ugly, cheap piece of wood art at the local thrift store.  (This was some sort of hang on the wall checker board.

2.  Paint it all black.

3.  Then paint a layer of blue everywhere but the frame.

4.  When that's dry, take a sanding block to it.  Be as rough or gentle as you like.  Keep sanding til it looks the way you want it.

5.  Make or buy a stencil.  Hold it down and use a small sponge roller to roll over the top in green paint.  The sponge roller works the best for me as far as coverage and minimal under-stencil-seepage.

6.  Once this dries, stencil on your black initial or monogram.

7.  When it's all really dry, get out your sanding block and go at it again.  And if you want, grab the pocket knife and carve some fun stuff onto the frame.

8.  Then get out a little black paint and a wet rag.  Smear some paint around the edges then wipe it with the wet cloth until you get the desired 'antiquing'.